Read Shikimoris Not Just a Cutie Manga Online

Read Shikimoris Not Just a Cutie Manga Online

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reviews: UmaianpanApr 21, 2021

Shikomori is more than just your average “cute” girl. She’s intelligent, she’s good at sports, she’s ultra protective of her disaster magnet boyfriend Izumi, and she… makes “handsome” faces?

My first thought about the premise of this manga was that it’s kind of sexist. Is it really so unusual for a girl to be cool? So what if she’s the strong one in the relationship? I get the feeling that the role reversal aspect is an attempt at equality but to me it has the opposite effect by making Shikimori’s strength of character out to be something unheard of. I also felt that her “dual personality“ was a bit of a cop out, as if having a heroine who wasn’t typically kawaii would be too risky from a marketing point of view.

That said, there’s plenty to like here, and the story was enjoyable enough for me to want to read past the first volume. The artwork isn’t exceptional but I liked the character designs of the two leads, and fan service is notable by its absence, with most of the focus being on Shikimori’s brooding face, and Izumi’s blushing reactions. The jokes hit the mark most of the time, with Izumi’s consistently rotten luck being an amusing running gag. The chaste romance between the couple is sweet.

All in all, while there are a few problems with this manga, it’s an entertaining read which I would recommend to anyone looking for a little light enjoyment.

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